How Much Can You Make Driving For Uber?

Driving for Uber in Cincinnati has been a great experience for many drivers who have ever worked for the company in the area. Uber is a ‘taxi for hire’ that connects a driver with a passenger seeking transportation. It could be a great source of earning for those who are looking forward to making an earning by driving around.  The bottom line is you need to have a car. A typical driver can make close to $800 per week if he works for about 10 hours per day. These hours could be of his choice. However, on a certain week, the earning potential could skyrocket beyond $1000 as well but that is a matter of luck. Again, if you are ready to put in the extra hours driving for Uber, you can earn even more. Sky is the limit for an aspiring person. It is an opportunity to make fast money.

The company also offers bonuses to new drivers and passengers both. For example, if you have not driven for Uber earlier, then you can get a bonus of $100 for completing your first 20 rides. To avail of this bonus, you will have to sign up for it. Again, if you complete the first 20 rides within the first 30 days of signing up, then you get $50 bonus. From the passengers’ point of view, it is a cost effective way of moving around. As a passenger, if you have never used Uber drive previously you get $20 off on your first drive. If you already have a Uber account but never used it, even then you can get a $ 20 discount using another person’s promo code.

What is needed is your own car that you are ready to associate with Uber. However, there is no binding on the driver to dedicate the car to Uber itself. The driver can take time off and do whatever he wants to do with his car. In terms of wear and tear, there’s not much expense involved because you are not in a rush of meeting any tight deadline. You can drive at your pace unlike what you would do as a pizza delivery guy. In pizza delivery, you will run a comparatively high bill on maintenance of your vehicle because of the pressing deadlines. You can take it easy with Uber and keep your vehicle as a loved pet.

On top of it, you get tips from customers and it can add to your final earning. Typically, driving for Uber, you can earn around $17 to $18 per hour. But there would be days of windfall when there would be rush in the town because of some festival or any other reason. You can hit a milestone of around 200 dollars in about 10 hours. This would take your average earning to about $ 20 an hour or even beyond. Once registered with Uber for attaching your car as a taxi, you get to use an App for drivers that would keep you informed about the passengers who are looking for your service. So you keep getting leads and you don’t have to loiter around to find a customer. You receive the pickup destination of the caller and rest is just a cakewalk. Why not give it a shot and make some fast money?

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Cincinnati Cab Drivers Protest Against Uber And Lyft

Cincinnati cab drivers rallied at City Hall to protest a popular pair of ridesharing services, Uber and Lyft. The cab drivers said that the new companies are cutting into their business and breaking the rules while doing it.

The ridesharing services make use of Smartphone apps to simply link people driving for Uber of Lyft with people needing rides. Tips are often not required and customers can pay for rides with the tap of a Smartphone app. Uber and Lyft are quickly gaining in popularity across the country especially for their impeccable customer service and convenience for young professionals and urban dwellers.

Cincinnati cab drivers are crying foul that the two companies are operating without public transportation licenses. Cab drivers declared that cab and limousine drivers must have proper licensing and follow city regulations to operate. The drivers emphasized that the rules should apply to everyone.

As a result, Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld said he expects new regulations to come to council in two weeks. He further reiterates that he doesn’t want his support for alternative transit operations to be viewed as a punitive approach against the Cincinnati taxi industry but rather as a way of encouraging healthy competition.

The City began working to improve taxi customer service and Sittenfeld said it has improved but still needs to get better. The councilman said that he believed the ridesharing companies would raise the bar and improve the public vehicle industry in the city.

Protesters repeatedly chanted and held signs in front of City hall’s main entrance for about half an hour. Twelve members of the cab group spoke to City Council during the public comment session and one speaker even threatened legal action.

Uber and Lyft are not new to such fights. Cab drivers and managers across the U.S. have been calling for the popular startups to be regulated. Insurance industry leaders and politicians have called into question background checks and insurance policies held by ridesharing companies.

The city of Seattle became the first jurisdiction to regulate ridesharing companies earlier this year after succumbing to pressure from cab drivers. The city of Columbus filed separate lawsuits to ban Uber and Lyft. On the other hand, Lyft has hired local lobbyist Chip Gerhardt to help the company at City Hall as representatives of both companies say they plan to continue offering rides and grow in Cincinnati.

Cab drivers and company managers are still opposed to Lyft and Uber partners and drivers. A local cab company is opting to remove all labels that identify its vehicles as taxis and offer Smartphone apps to customers as a way to deal with the competition. Whether or not the two companies will bring about positive change is still yet to be seen.

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The Launch Of Uber In Cincinnati

The cab industry scene in Cincinnati was quite ho-hum until the launch of Uber. The transport company Uber, known for its vehicles on hire for transportation, launched with a bang in Cincinnati by offering free services to all the people in the city for two weeks. After all, Cincinnati, having the nickname ‘The Queen City’, truly deserves something royal! Uber is world-famous for its reliable and convenient taxi services in over fifty five countries around the world. With reliable pickups, clear pricing, the option to split one’s fare and an easily accessible mobile app, Uber truly rules the taxicab industry. Apart from the customers, Uber appeals to drivers too, which is why driving for Uber garners a lot of interest from people.

The Uber launch in Cincinnati took place in March 2014. Individuals were given the option of availing free rides from the company’s cabs for a duration of two weeks. With Uber, one can have the option of travelling around the city in a stylish and convenient manner. Along with Uber cabs, the company also rolled out two of its other options at the launch: UberX and UberBlack. All these three options were available for free for up to 2 weeks. While UberX allows users to split their fare with fellow passengers and save more money, UberBlack offers high end cars such as black sedans and SUVs along with licensed chauffeurs for special occasions when one is required to show up in style!

The Uber App, available for free download to smartphone users, makes the task of hailing an Uber cab a lot easier. With a few taps on the screen, one can find out the closest available Uber drivers, their cars and the estimated amount of time required for them to pick you up from your spot. Offering free rides at the time of the launch is no doubt an extremely effective way of grabbing the attention of people in Cincinnati. Thus, needless to say, this publicity or advertising campaign was extremely successful and it stirred up heavy interest in the public.

Kevin Huber of Bengals Punter and a native of Cincinnati was the first person to take UberX for a spin around the city free of cost. UberX offers a wide range of hybrid and mid-range vehicles on a shared basis to up to four people. UberX is just like getting a cab around the city, except you get to save one-third of the cost! This low-cost travelling option is very beneficial, and the people of Cincinnati got a taste of it for free at the time of the launch.

As for the launch of the UberBlack services in Cincinnati, the first to try out this service was Mr. P. G. Sittenfeld, an American politician and a member of the Cincinnati City Council. All he had to do was to use the Uber app and his licensed chauffeur turned up within minutes to take him to his destination(s). UberBlack is the premium option of Uber cab services and it is a great choice for occasions when you need to step it up while stepping out!

With these two famous personalities ‘inaugrating’ the launch and by offering people in Cincinnati free rides in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for up to two weeks, Uber was off to a great start. Requesting for a free ride was very easy, there was no need to enter any promo code, one simply had to download the app and request for a ride during the promotional time period! People had a great experience with this free service, be it from UberX or UberBlack.


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